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The Strongest Brands


Strongest Brands

The strongest brands aren’t created with a logo or a tagline. They aren’t created with an advertising campaign. They aren’t even created with a product or service. They begin with a compelling vision—a vision whose foundation is deep customer insight. The insight may be informed by personal experience, in-depth research, active listening, intuition, or one or more of many other paths to customer intimacy.

The strongest brands strive to understand cultural context, underlying values, hopes, anxieties, fears and other motivations. They also strive to understand self image, icons that evoke strong memories and feelings and other emotional stimuli. The most progressive organizations find ways to experience relevant contexts and situations with their customers.

The strongest brands are authentic and stand for something. They possess integrity. That is, they are internally and externally consistent; they are who they say they are.

The strongest brands have a distinctive and consistent ‘voice’ and visual style. They weave compelling stories. And they strive to develop emotional connections to their intended customers.

The strongest brands transcend specific products, services and delivery vehicles. These brands are most closely associated with functional, emotional, experiential and self-expressive customer benefits. They exist to meet deeply felt human needs in unique and superior ways.

Is yours one of these brands? I hope that it is.

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  1. Anonymous - January 22, 2007

    Branding Strategy Insider: The Strongest Brands

    What characteristics do the strongest brands possess?

  2. plugim.com - January 28, 2007

    The Strongest Brands

    What characteristics do the strongest brands possess?

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