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Why a Branding Strategy Blog?

At The Blake Project we help organizations achieve brand insistence, using proven brand strategy techniques to create robust brands that build and sustain trust. Branding Strategy Insider is the global thought leader in brand strategy and brand education and is an extension of our efforts to help marketing oriented leaders and professionals build tangible brand equity. Through thought pieces from some of the world’s leading brand thinkers we strive to promote debate and conversation about the value and role of brand in today’s businesses, offer a 360-degree perspective of the rapidly evolving discipline of brand strategy, and advance the discipline of brand management.

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Brand Building

Building Brands With Character And Chemistry


Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan Brand

No review of the brand Jordan phenomenon would be complete without examining the extraordinary creative collaboration that Michael had with Nike’s premier designer and creative genius Tinker Hatfield. Tinker is the designer of many of Nike’s most popular and innovative shoe designs, including the Air Jordan 3 through Air Jordan 15, the twentieth anniversary Air Jordan XX, the final numbered Air Jordan, the XXIII, the 2010 (XXV) and other athletic sneakers including the world’s first “cross training” shoes, the Nike Air Max, the first visible air running shoe and the Nike Air Trainer. Hatfield currently oversees Nike’s Innovation Kitchen as VP for Design and Special Projects.

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Brand Strategy

When Successful Brands Defy Brand Management


Yamaha - The Classic Rule Breaker Brand

The rules for developing and managing brands are laid out in a range of principles and frameworks developed by extraordinary marketing minds. Time and time again, we’re told brands follow these rules to achieve success. But every so often, you encounter a highly successful brand that seems to defy the theory. And there are lessons for all marketers in that success as well.

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Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning For Recessionary Times


Brand Positioning Techniques For Recessions

There are whispers in the wind that the next recession is on the way. Recessions usually require brand planners to learn on the fly to keep their value proposition alive. All the assumptions of business as usual need reassessing.

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Marketing Budget

12 Reasons Why Marketers Don’t Get Their Budgets


12 Reasons Why Marketers Don't Get Their Budgets

Why do some marketers fail to get the marketing budgets they need? There are at least twelve reasons. Are any standing in your way?

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Brand Management

Do You Really Want To Build A Famous Brand?


 Brand Management And Famous Brands

In a world where popularity is the ‘it’ metric for so many marketers, have you really thought through how your brand would cope if all your wishes came true? If your brand strategy is based on building your popularity, here’s some things you might like to consider as you rush to be noticed.

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