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Brand Education Workshops

Brand Education Brand Education Workshops Derrick Daye

Innovation And Organizational Success



The Blake Project designs and delivers one, two and three day brand management workshops globally at your headquarters or the location of your choice. Marketers, and all who shape the brand benefit. By request we have designed the following comprehensive workshop:

Innovation and Organizational Success

A two-day workshop facilitated by Brad VanAuken, Chief Brand Strategist, author of Brand Aid


  • New Product Development Managers
  • New Business Development Managers
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)
  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Head, Marketing, Marketing Services
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Officers/Executives
  • Advertising Agency Account Executives


  • The Importance of Innovation
  • New Business Idea Sources

o   Address emerging customer needs

o   Expand business definition

o   Apply new technologies

o   Exploit expanded brand identity

o   Target new customer groups

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Brand Education Brand Education Workshops Derrick Daye

Master Branding Seminars



We’re taking a moment today to share a very powerful internal brand education seminar. We constructed “The Art & Science of Brand Management – Proven Tools & Techniques for Creating Winning Brands” for those organizations that desire to bolster the toolbox of their marketers in a comprehensive 3-day format.   

This master-branding seminar will help you know how to design, build and leverage strong brands over time. While many concepts will be presented in the seminar, the emphasis is on practical tools and techniques. Numerous brand examples across many industries and product categories will be cited to reinforce specific concepts. Team exercises are interspersed throughout the day on each of the three days. Handouts will include templates and checklists. 

The seminar is offered world-wide and lead by Brad VanAuken, Chief Brand Strategist of The Blake Project and Author of Brand Aid. 


Valuable to all those working in various marketing-related functions, including:

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)

Marketing Directors

Marketing Managers

Head, Marketing, Marketing Services

Brand Managers

Product Managers

Marketing Officers/Executives

Finance Managers

Sales Managers

Advertising Agency Account Executives

PR Professionals 

DAY 1, Part 1


Why strong brands are critical to business success?

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Brand Education Workshops

The Brand Leadership Workshop


Brand education workshops and seminars are a core offering of The Blake Project. Today we’re pleased to announce a new, robust workshop with a focus on brand leadership.What does it mean to be a leading brand? What are the benefits of brand leadership? How do brands come to be leaders in their categories? Learn the answers to these questions and many others by studying some of the world’s most successful brands. And then apply what you have learned to your own brands.

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Measures of brand leadership

Measures of brand leadership: Position in consideration set, Price insensitivity/price premium, Customer loyalty, Brand asset value, Buzz quotient, Market share, And more…

Module 2: The five drivers of customer brand insistence

The five drivers of customer brand insistence (with brand examples): Awareness: McDonalds, AOL, Amazon.com, Relevant Differentiation: iPod, Toyota Prius, BP, Value: Ikea, Hyundai, Honda, Amazon.com, eBay, Accessibility: Coca-Cola, HSBC, KFC, Emotional Connection: Hallmark Cards, Harvard

Module 3: The top ten brand differentiators

The top 10 most successful differentiators of brands – attend the workshop to learn what they are

TEAM EXERCISE: Create a brand whose values align with its customer’s values

Module 4: Sources of brand leadership

Leadership through Quality: The Oriental Bangkok, Midwest Airlines, Lazarra Yachts
Leadership through Innovation: Apple, 3M, Wegmans
Leadership through Focus: Woodstock, NY, Trader Joe’s, Genesee Valley Trust

INDIVIDUAL/TEAM EXERCISE: How could you better focus your brand to create a fiercely loyal customer segment?

Leadership through Carefully Designed Customer Experience: Ten Thousand Waves, Disney, Starbucks
Leadership through Status: Rolex, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Mercedes
Leadership through Lifestyle Targeting: Harley-Davidson, Patagonia
Leadership through Social Responsibility: Newman’s Own, Ben & Jerry’s, The Body Shop

Module 5: Brands as a badge

Brands as a Badge: Hummer, Birkenstock, Hallmark Gold Crown stores

INDIVIDUAL/TEAM EXERCISE: Innovate one way to reposition your brand as a “badge”

Module 6: Creating “category of one” brands

Creating “Category of One” Brands
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Strong National Museum of Play

TEAM EXERCISE: Create a “Category of One” brand

Module 7: Branding commodities

Branding Commodities – Proven Approaches
Product/service bundling/unbundling
Service customization
And much more…

TEAM EXERCISE: Differentiate a commodity

This workshop teaches the most effective sources of brand leadership. It uses numerous real world brand examples to illustrate each source of leadership. These examples are taken from many different industries and countries. Workshop participants are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in individual and team exercises interspersed throughout the workshop.

I’m happy to share more on this and other workshops – feel free to contact me.

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