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Brand Value & Pricing

Strong Brands Require A Focus On Brand Value


Amazon Brand Value Example

There are five drivers of customer brand insistence – awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection. To be competitive, brands must relentlessly pursue ways to strengthen each. Today, I will focus on the importance of brand value.

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Brand Management

A Marketer’s Guide To Navigating The C-Suite


A Marketer's Guide To Navigating The C-Suite

If you are the manager or marketer of a brand, especially of an organization-level brand, you need to know how to speak the language of organization’s leadership team. Here are some thoughts on how to do that.

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Building Emotional Connections

How Brands Make Emotional Connections


Emotional Connections Drive Strong Brands

Emotional connection is one of the five drivers of customer brand insistence as outlined in our BrandInsistence brand equity system. (The other four drivers are awareness, relevant differentiation, value and accessibility.) The consumer must first know your brand, then like your brand, and finally trust your brand and feel an emotional connection to it.

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Business Strategy

Integrating Business Strategy And Brand Strategy


Integrating Business And Brand Strategy

Not much has been written about integrating business strategy and brand strategy. It is surprising to me because this is the arena in which I most often find myself consulting. When I was at Harvard Business School my largest concentration was in business strategy. I was weaned on Michael Porter’s Competitive Strategy, Competitive Advantage and The Competitive Advantage of Nations. I am a firm believer that brand strategy, business strategy, business model strategy and competitive strategy need to be a finely woven tapestry. But to begin to envision this, we must understand the key components of each of these.

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Brand Accessibility

How Brand Accessibility Builds Strong Brands


Brand Accessibility And Coca Cola

Accessibility is one of the five drivers of customer brand insistence in our proprietary BrandInsistence brand equity measurement system. How does accessibility contribute to customer brand insistence? First, accessible brands insure that brand preference is converted into brand purchase. Why wouldn’t I purchase my preferred brand if it were completely accessible to me? If it were inaccessible, I might purchase a substitute product or brand or perhaps nothing at all. But I am getting ahead of myself. First let’s define accessibility. Accessible brands are brands that are easy to find, purchase and use.

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