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  1. Ted Grigg
    Apr 23 - 4:50 pm

    In your article, you make the assumption that all transactional advertising requires a discount.

    In direct marketing, we call this an offer that often does not include discounts to stimulate response.

    An offer for B2C could include membership in a frequent shopper program,a contest, a survey offering a reward for response, a premium, free shipping or hundreds of different offers that do not erode the brand’s value.

    In B2B the offer could be registration in a special website for valuable information, a white paper or proprietary research of interest to the respondent. Such “leads” are then developed over time for a face to face appointment.

    Advertising should not only create an image, but go further in soliciting prospect or customer engagement that leads to a sale.

    Positioning or general advertising often does not go far enough up the AIDA ladder wasting dollars.

    The bottom line: build brand while simultaneously building a database of interested prospects. So I see a maturation of advertising rather than doom for the industry. It’s about time that clients demanded more sales for their advertising dollars.

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