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  1. Dwayne Golden Jr.
    Twitter: entrepregenius
    Mar 18 - 11:47 am

    I’m so glad you got it right. Social media is not actually media. A big point that is often over looked.

  2. Rick Steinbrenner
    Twitter: rsteinbrenner
    Mar 19 - 8:57 am


    You’re amazing….you must have read one of my pending blogs before even being published :):). I totally agree with you Brands need to redefine themselves not in the context of the new social media media…which is your point. Marketers seem to continually seek the holy grail via social media to extend their reach with consumers. This is wrong…your social currency analogy is correct. The basic problem here is branded marketing isn’t working anymore like it used to and marketers are struggling with that concept. Your company also recently stated more than 3/4 of all people believe big business is more concerned about profits than what their needs are…which is why there is a trust problem out there in the marketplace when it comes to marketing communications.

    Another point…In Jonathan Salem Baskin’s e-book – “Brands still only works on cattle” he makes the point that marketing is at a crossroads. He says “the 21st century model for brands will need to shift their emphasis from getting consumers to say YES to entertaining but otherwise meaningless engagement, and engaging with them on substance to which they’re allowed to say NO”. This is because people don’t really want to be sold on anything anymore, they want products/services that will help solve their unique problems – even if it means you might not make a sale today. We need to “unmarket” vs. marketing in today’s marketplace.

    It’s funny; this approach has been used very successfully in the past. All you have to do is look at the Uncola campaign by 7Up in the early 70’s. They correctly identified a unique consumer solution – a clean, light, wet and wild refreshing soft drink that wasn’t a cola. It was also strategically correct since it allowed 7Up NOT directly compete against the soft drink giants – Coke & Pepsi. The result was increased sales and brand equity for 7Up.

    It’s time for branded marketing to re-define itself. We need to start Unmarketing™ our initiatives/products focusing on a more collaborative approach helping consumers solve their problems – even it means we don’t sell anything today. This means creating programs and products that builds trust and credibility. I know this is a long term approach that might not payout in “10 minutes” as required by most Wall Street/Finance people. However, what’s the alternative – continue to do marketing the same old way and then say it doesn’t work? We need to break this self-fulfilling prophecy and really change the way we do branded marketing going forward. If we do this, I think we might find a new renaissance in marketing because it will “work” again.

    Walker – you and I are on the same page.

    Regards…Rick Steinbrenner

  3. S Brewster Martin
    Mar 19 - 6:53 pm

    Undisputed is the power of the power of social media – a kingmaker one day, and sparking revolution the next. But amidst this ignition, what is often lost is that the conversation is driven by a small, but vocal few. While the data roll in to enable marketers/etc to tweak targeting, the larger question looms as to the utility of those endeavors. On that count, the conclusions are yet murky. In this uncertain space, I agree that the tools that comprise social media are but a means to a much larger end – to engage communities and facilitate discussions with an eye towards ultimately stimulating economic activity.

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