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  1. Lcitroen
    Mar 29 - 6:56 pm

    Well done! We are not all created equal, as you eloquently point out.

    As a brand consultant who works with corporations and executives (personal branding) I run into the hammer situation a lot. Often, though, it’s the company who only sees the nails, and it’s my job to open them to larger possibilities. They may think they need a new logo, but what they need is internal brand alignment, for instance.

    Thank you for bringing this important issue to light!

  2. thomson dawson
    Apr 07 - 5:26 pm

    Nicely done!

    This piece is a very helpful resource for anyone seeking knowledge about the specific value of working with a brand consultant.

    Beware the advertising agency that says they are brand consultants. To your point, on the hammer and nail analogy, advertising agencies are in the business of making advertising. Far downstream from where brand consultants play.

    As you point out, there are many specialties within the practice areas of a brand consultant. In my case, I am a brand consultant specialized in brand positioning, identity
    and expression. I am not an expert in brand tracking, or quantitative data gathering and assessment of any kind.

    In my view, marketers turn to brand consultants for greater clarity and confidence on the strategic and creative decisions they will make to pursue their best opportunities for success.

  3. Simon Rowell
    Aug 18 - 6:29 am

    A great perspective on this topic.

    Especially with relation to the Business Development “A” Team. My competition does me a great favour when they wheel these people out. Being the person who owns my business, and therefore having a vested interest in client satisfaction, helps me to connect to my clients.

    Regards Thomson Dawson’s comment – i absolutely agree with his point on Ad Agencies and branding. The model by which many ad agencies are remunerated means that they need to continuously create new ideas -this is at natural odds with the need for the continuity required to build strong brand equity.

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