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Archive for January, 2011

Branding: Just Ask...

Why Do Brand Extensions Succeed Or Fail?



We are happy to answer marketing questions of all types here on Branding Strategy Insider. Today, Sanaya, a Reporter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates asks…

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Brand Marketing

Marketing Is Changing, Are You Ready?



It is no surprise that academics and professionals alike are calling for new approaches to marketing, because the old approaches are inadequate to the challenges. New forms of media are showing up all the time. Consumers are faced with a turbo-charged range of choices, and an array of new technology is available to support marketing decisions and programs. According to Phillip Kotler, new marketing requires new financial IT mindsets as well as some additional skills so that systems will better support marketing decisions.

As we continue the drive toward making marketing more accountable and scientific, it is important to look at what has changed and what remains of the old model. While marketers enjoy new media and technology enabled tools, the fundamental marketing model itself has not changed. People and businesses still want useful products and services and relevant and entertaining messages. Marketing is still about identifying needs so that people line up to buy. The change is in how consumers learn about products and services and receive the messages. We are entering a ‘post-mass media’ marketing world.

Consumers have new tools, too.
Consumers have always wanted to avoid poor or overpriced products and intrusive messages, but now they are empowered to act on those feelings in unprecedented ways. These consumer-empowering technologies promise to eliminate the concept of ‘mass markets’ once and for all. Proof is everywhere, from declining audiences across most media, to the penetration of TIVO and the explosion of DVD sales – of TV shows no less!

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Recession Marketing

Innovation And Branding Strategy In A Down Market



During long and deep recessions like this one, companies look to shift resources away from poor performing brands to more profitable ones. With cash from operations declining and borrowing at a premium, it makes sense to sacrifice cash- consuming brands. While difficult and unpleasant to do, this portfolio reshuffling is a rather straightforward recessionary response. However, a ‘refocus on core brands’ has hidden dangers. One risk is under investing in innovation to keep core brands vital.

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Brand Consulting

Brand Counsel


Brand Counsel Brand Strategy Brand Consulting

When should you seek the counsel of a brand consultant? There are several situations.

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Brand Identity

Branding Debate: Does Logo Design Really Matter?



In an era of crowd sourcing and online $100 logo design, the specialized skills and talents involved in identity design are seemingly being marginalized even further. Are big iconic brands moving in that direction?

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