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Brand Strategy Building Emotional Connections

The Emotional Connection Workshop



The Blake Project offers a unique workshop that is designed to dial up your customers’ emotional connection to your brand.  Here’s how it works. First, we talk with your customers to understand what emotional connection currently exists and to what degree and then we gain your consensus on what types of emotional connection you would like to increase. Next, we lead you in a series of ideation sessions in which we design sources of increased emotional connection against your objectives. Finally, we prioritize the ideas generated in the ideation sessions and pull it all together in a written report of recommended actions.

In the research, we seek to understand how your brand connects with its customers and with which customer attitudes and values it is best aligned. We will conduct this exploration by customer segment if required. In our consensus building session with you, we also probe to understand by what values your organization strives to live and with what personality attributes. The ideation sessions are highly facilitated. They include a broad array of creativity exercises and ideation techniques and are always energizing for its participants.

We will often organize the sessions by customer touch point and will explore how different behaviors, processes and senses could affect your customers’ emotional connection to your brand. We apply a specific set of evaluation criteria to the ideas generated at the ideation sessions to insure that the ones you choose have the highest impact and ROI possible.

After we have formulated the emotional connection strategy we remain available to consult with you on the implementation of our recommendations. Up to 8 hours of ongoing consulting over six months is included. The entire process takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Brad VanAuken leads The Blake Project’s emotional connection workshops, drawing on his considerable experience in building emotional connections as Hallmark’s chief brand advocate.

How well does your brand connect? We can help. Email me here or call me direct at 813-842-2260.

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The Emotional Connection Workshop