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  1. Bill Herring
    Aug 14 - 8:12 am

    Keep in mind that corporate sponsorships can also drive awareness in a significant way. Done well, sponsorships should also increase brand preference and directly lead to sales.

    Research your customer’s interests and activities, what competitors are doing for sponsorship, then find that sweet spot where you can “own” an event or program for your product category and target audience.

    Realize that the sponsorship is just getting your foot in the door. Activation programs that build awareness and allow for interaction/relationship-building will drive preference and sales.

  2. Burak Babacan
    Aug 14 - 9:23 am

    In my mind, before the purchase, brand awareness should be linked to differentiation and “reason to buy”. Of course, once a relation has been established, you don’t need to stress the “reason to buy” but focus on “brand personality”. Still, awareness is important both before and after situations.

  3. Adam Banfield
    Aug 18 - 8:01 am

    Let’s not forget however that awareness without a healthy dose of consumer engagement leaves you with a brand everyone knows, but doesn’t love. Enter Nokia and the battle it’s currently facing against the iPhone, Levis and its continued demise at the hands of a number of European denim labels. A brand resting on awareness alone is a house made of sticks waiting for the big bad wolf to come along and do what he does best!

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