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What Are Brand Attributes?



Today we're taking another branding question. Feyza, a marketer in Istanbul, Turkey asks…

"What are brand attributes? Please describe the difference between brand essence and brand attributes!"

Feyza thanks for your question. Attributes are more often used when referring to products rather than brands. A product's attribute might be a function or a feature. These functions and features often lead to consumer benefits. However, brands can have attributes too. The attributes may be personality attributes or they may be derived from the brand's products' attributes.

A brand's essence, on the other hand, has a very specific meaning. A brand's essence is its "heart and soul," its timeless quality. It describes who it is at its core. I like to express a brand's essence as [adjective adjective noun], so for Nike, it is "Authentic athletic performance" and for Starbucks it is "Rewarding everyday moments." Disney's essence is "Fun family entertainment."

Feyza, we also have a whole category on brand essence here.

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